JangoBio Creating First Organoids For Complete Hormone Restoration


MADISON, WISCONSIN: February 18, 2020 – JangoBio announces significant scientific breakthroughs in developing sustainable stem-cell based therapies for complete hormone restoration. Research scientists at its Fitchburg, WI laboratory have successfully created organoids that emulate the production of ovarian and testicular hormones.

This innovative technology has the capacity to regenerate and replace hormone-producing tissues and reverse the natural decline of sex hormones that occurs with age. “The development of hormone-producing organoids paves the way for use in humans and animals” indicated Dr. Craig Atwood, CEO of JangoBio, adding, “JangoBio is rapidly moving towards testing of our organoid products in animal models.”

Restoration of circulating hormone concentrations offers the remarkable benefits of preventing the symptoms of menopause and male andropause, halting age-related disease and increasing the healthy lifespan of humans and animals. JangoBio’s implanted organoids will be the first cell-based therapies to fully reverse hormonal decline and the associated age-related diseases. Organoid-based hormone therapies are superior to traditional single hormone-based therapies, allowing restoration of all hormones produced by the ovaries and testes. Beginning with companion animals, treatments will be administered by veterinary clinics throughout North America. The next phase of development will introduce these therapies into human clinical trials.

About JangoBio
JangoBio therapies provide a complete hormone replacement solution for humans and animals. JangoBio utilizes regenerative stem-cell based precision medicine to restore circulating hormone balance required for optimal health and longevity.

Headquartered near Madison, Wisconsin, JangoBio is an early-stage biotech company focused on developing new and novel methods to restore hormone balance in both humans and animals. Utilizing in-house advancements in regenerative stem-cell technology, JangoBio is developing a pipeline of first-in-class hormone restoration treatments. JangoBio recently completed a $2M seed round and is currently positioning itself for its next funding round and commercial revenue streams.

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