In 2020, JangoBio, LLC restructured as a holding company to five subsidiaries: JangoMed, JangoPet, JangoCell, JangoDx, and an animal research CRO. The generation of revenues through JangoCell (research-grade products and cell biology services), JangoDx (diagnostic services), and CRO-services speed our R&D of biologics for the veterinary market (JangoPet). The commercialization of veterinary biologics will subsequently fund the development of human biologics (JangoMed) for testing in human clinical trials.


JangoMed’s mission is to rebalance hormones to improve our overall health and well being. We are developing cutting-edge regenerative stem cell products for the human market.


JangoPet’s mission is to innovate in the market of Regenerative Veterinary Medicine. We provide cutting-edge therapies that help your pet live a healthier life, longer.


JangoCell’s mission is to provide novel products and services to research laboratories, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies. JangoCell offers two main divisions for biological researchers – products and services.


JangoDx’s mission is to provide diagnostic services in the Dane County, Wisconsin region. We currently provide both COVID community (free) and rapid PCR testing as well as vaccinations.