JangoBio has a three phase strategy to generate revenues to provide sustainability, allow for continued R&D of biologics for human and animal markets and to move our cell products through human clinical trials.

This approach starts with our revenue-generating subsidiaries: JangoCell, providing cell biology products and services to biomedical institutions; a CRO-services division providing rodent housing and services to regional early stage companies; and JangoDx, which provides healthcare screening and diagnostic testing in the veterinary and medical industries – this division is currently provided community testing for COVID-19 as well as rapid PCR, vaccinations and boosters.


The second phase is ramping up JangoPet with the development of specific biologics for use in the companion animal market, with our first products targeting aged dogs. At the same time, JangoBio’s lead biologics for restoring hormone balance have progressed to testing in rodent and canine models of aging. Our dog clinical study has commenced through a partnership with a regional CRO.

JangoBio R and D pipepline


In the third phase of development, JangoPet transitions from research and development to commercialization, providing both data and revenues for human clinical trials. Part of the profits from the licensing, partnering and/or sales of our product will help fund the continuing development of advanced stem cell products for widespread human and animal use (i.e., allogeneic cell products).

JangoBio R and D pipepline