Our Mission

Targeting hormones to halt aging and age-related diseases.

The hormones that regulate reproduction in humans promote growth and development early in life, in order for us to become reproductive adults, but later in life they fall out of balance which then drives the development of age-related diseases and ultimately death.

Based on over 20 years of research, JangoBio’s core premise is that the age-related imbalance of sex hormones is the cause of aging.

Existing treatments come with unacceptable risks.

Current hormone replacement therapies (HRT) for men and women and other purported remedies are inadequate because they do not address the underlying cause of the aging process: an imbalance in the dozens of sex hormones that occur with menopause (women), and andropause (men). Current HRT and other remedies are incomplete and usually require multiple, ongoing treatments that come with unacceptable safety issues.


The right treatment must go to work at the source of aging.

Restoring hormone balance can restore health and well-being. Therefore, JangoBio’s therapeutic strategies are designed to restore hormone-producing tissues by maximizing the regenerative power of stem cell technologies to stave off illness and prolong life. To achieve this, JangoBio has developed hormone-producing ‘organoids’, or mini organs, that when transplanted increase circulating sex hormones.

JangoBio’s technology represents the next generation of hormone replacement therapies. These insights reveal a complete, long-term solution — a natural biologic approach to personalized medicine — not a short-term fix. Our vision is to help people (and animals) to live healthier lives, longer.