JangoBio Develops Stem Cell Therapy for Hormone Replacement

MADISON, WISCONSIN: February 1, 2022 – JangoBio, LLC announces a breakthrough in the development of a sustainable stem-cell based therapy to replenish circulating hormones back to youthful levels. Using injectable organoids comprised of multiple stem cell types, research scientists at its Fitchburg, WI laboratory have demonstrated restoration of circulating sex hormones in neutered rat models of hypogonadism. “This important milestone not only provides proof of concept for our strategy to restore sex hormone balance but provides the methodological basis for the biomanufacturing and commercialization of injectable biologics for the treatment of menopause and andropause symptomology,” said Dr. Craig Atwood, Founder and CEO of JangoBio. “Moreover, this technology paves the way for the treatment of a wide range of diseases of aging that ultimately could lead to significant increases in longevity.”

JangoBio’s strategy utilizes adult stem cells to bioengineer organoids (mini organs) capable of replenishing the numerous hormones lost by both males and females throughout the aging process. Utility for this regenerative technology can be realized in humans but also animal markets such as companion animals (pets and service animals), stud and agricultural industries, and endangered species. “JangoPet, the commercialization subsidiary of JangoBio, will initially target aged intact dogs and cats, as well as spayed and neutered companion animals, which together represent tens of millions of pets in the US,” indicated Victor Mohoney, Chief Business Development Officer of JangoBio. This regenerative stem-cell based precision medicine to restore circulating hormone balance is required for optimal health and longevity.

Restoration of circulating hormone concentrations offers the remarkable benefits of preventing the symptoms of menopause and andropause, halting age-related disease and increasing the healthy lifespan of humans and animals. JangoBio’s injectable organoids will be the first cell-based therapies to fully reverse hormonal decline for the above-mentioned indications. JangoBio will initially target pet markets through veterinary clinics in North America, while concurrently developing human cell therapies.

With a vision to increase longevity through the restoration of hormone balance, JangoBio is redefining therapeutic strategies to increase healthy lifespan beyond the current age limits. Headquartered near Madison, Wisconsin, JangoBio is an emerging biomedical company with a broad focus on cell therapies, diagnostics, products and services provided by five subsidiaries: JangoMed (stem cell therapies for human markets); JangoPet (stem cell therapies for veterinary markets); JangoCell (research-grade products and cell biology services), Vivarium CRO (animal services) and JangoDx (diagnostic services). Utilizing in-house advancements in regenerative stem-cell technology, JangoPet and JangoMed are developing a pipeline of first-in-class treatments for complete hormone replacement in humans and animals. The JangoCell, Vivarium and JangoDx subsidiaries provide revenues that offset JangoMed and JangoPet R&D develop costs. To speed the development of cell therapies, JangoBio recently extended its seed 2 round from $3M to $5M and is currently positioning itself for future funding and additional commercial revenue streams. For more information about JangoBio, please visit www.jango.bio or follow @JangoBio on Twitter.

Liana Loos-Austin
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