JangoBio Launches To Develop Next-Generation Therapeutics For Hormone Replacement Therapy

MADISON, WISCONSIN: December 4, 2018 -JangoBio is making substantial progress on several commercial and scientific fronts in its quest to develop stem cell-based therapies for hormone restoration. Building on a National Institutes of Health small business grant and an initial seed investment round, JangoBio is expanding its existing animal facility and building a new headquarters in the Madison metropolitan area. The new headquarters is located in the Fitchburg biotechnology research corridor and will house cell production and research laboratories along with the addition of several new employees. This new facility will complement the expansion of the existing laboratory in the University Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Our expansion includes the recruitment of several key individuals to our advisory board, management and scientific teams,” announced Dr. Atwood, CEO and founder of JangoBio LLC. “We’re very excited to announce Dr. Xudong Huang, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, will be joining our board of directors. Dr. Huang is director of the neurochemistry laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital and his research utilizes cutting-edge technologies in the areas of Alzheimer’s disease and aging. Dr. Huang brings a wealth of scientific experience to our current board. In addition, we have appointed Dr. Sivan Meethal as director of product development, Dr. Taeyoung Shin as director of veterinary research and Victor Mohoney as director of business development. This capable team of experienced individuals will guide our cell product development through commercialization.”

With these additional resources, preparation is underway for JangoBio’s first commercial products and therapies to hit the market in 2020. Starting with dogs, refinement of cell-based therapies in companion animals is underway and will be distributed by veterinary clinics throughout North America. These therapies will be the first cell-based therapies to restore hormone decline in aging companion animals. It is anticipated that hormone restoration will bring associated health benefits.

About JangoBio

Headquartered near Madison, Wisconsin, JangoBio is focused on discovering and developing new and novel methods to restore hormone balance in both animals and humans. Leveraging recent innovations in regenerative stem cell therapy and University of Wisconsin resources, JangoBio is developing a pipeline of first-in-class treatments.

JangoBio therapies will replace current limited treatment options, such as regular injections of estrogen or testosterone without carrying the risk of potential side effects, such as cancer. JangoBio’s strategy utilizes regenerative stem cell-based precision medicine therapies that sustainably and safely restore balance to a broad range of circulating hormones.

For more information or investment opportunities, please visit www.jango.bio.

William Merrick
Business Manager
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