Due to the tremendous market size and undeveloped nature of cell-based therapies that completely restore hormone balance and treat or prevent hormone-related diseases, JangoBio is presented with an extraordinary financial opportunity.

Our increasing life span has presented new medical challenges —and one scientific opportunity.

Diminished production of sex hormones (hypogonadism) is a major medical challenge leading to a significant detriment in the quality of life and adversely affecting the function of multiple organ systems — from reduced libido to infertility to increased body fat, to name a few.

Hypogonadism is strongly associated with aging, with all men over age 50 suffering from some degree of hypogonadism. Likewise, all women post- menopause are hypogonadal.
prolong the quality of life, our vitality and our wit, thus increasing our healthspan.

Unprecedented human and animal markets.

We estimate the total addressable market for reversing hypogonadism in the US to be ~$600B. Our platform technology is also applicable to diseases of aging, for example, Alzheimer’s disease which afflicts 5.5 million in the US alone; a 2.5% capture rate would equal ~$1.4B.

Now consider the pet market in the US where spending is over $50B. Treatments mitigating health issues and adding to the functional life span of animals can be a primary revenue source for JangoBio in the early stages of commercialization.